New Supporters Cards

A supporters card where you collect stamps for attending club events

October is the start of the Club's Social Season which means Social Subs are now due. This year there's even more reason to get involved with these new Supporters Cards having just arrived!!

Members from every section, including the Social Section, can claim their card once they have paid their subs and start collecting stamps ASAP!

Here are the details but please contact if you have any further queries.


The cards are available to full senior members.

Affiliated members, e.g. parents of junior members, may obtain a card by joining the Social Section.

A member will be eligible to collect their card when they have paid their membership:

Social Section: Fully paid for 23/24

Hockey: Up to date having made at least 1 payment for the 23/24 season

Football: Up to date having made at least 1 payment for the 23/24 season

Table Tennis: Fully paid for 23/24

Tennis: Fully paid for the "23 season

Cricket: Fully paid for the "23 season

Life Members are eligible to collect a card at any time.

Loyalty Stamps

A member will be eligible for a stamp when they have purchased a ticket for, are present at and are participating in a designated club event.

Stamps must be claimed in person.

A member can collect one stamp per event.

Club events include but are not limited to: Social Section Autumn Lunch; Tennis Quiz; Club Christmas Dinner; Club Quiz; Hockey Cheese & Wine; Social Section Spring Lunch; Football Poker Night;

Designated club events will be advertised as such in advance.

The Monday pub quiz is not a designated club event.

If a member loses their card, they may claim another one but previously claimed stamps will not be replaced.


A member is eligible to claim their free drink from the bar when they have filled their card with 5 stamps i.e. at the 5th event

Football and Hockey members 23/24 subs must be fully paid up at the time they collect their free drink

Eligible Drinks

A pint of draught lager or cask ale

A single spirit and mixer [tonic/draught coke/diet coke/lemonade]

A 330ml bottle of beer or Smirnoff Ice

An alcohol free Kopperberg

A large or small draught Coke, Diet Coke or Lemonade

A can of Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, Fanta Lilt, or Ginger Beer


These terms may be changed or amended by us at any time for legal, regulatory, commercial or security reasons or to enable the proper delivery of or to improve the delivery of the scheme.